Home threaded rod cementing EP 20 VP 1, EP 32 S (Sanierungsharz)
restructuring of gluelam Print
  • WEVO special resin EP20/VP1 (certified according to DIN 68 141)
  • WEVO special cleaner

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Accessories for the restoration of BSH with WEVO epoxy:


empty cartridge technical drawing
technical drawing

empty cartridge

empty cartridge
empty cartridge 310 ml
cartridge for WEVO – special resin
(EP20/VP1 + B20/1).

when using the pistons offered by us - an excellent application and an optimum purge performance is guaranteed.

material: HDPE
content: 310 ml
weight: 47,5 g ± 1,5 g

download: product sheet (PDF, 492kb )

KTP 310 DR

applicator gun 310 DR

KTP 310

applicator gun
applicator gun 310 fig. 1

KTP 310

applicator gun 310 fig. 2
compressed air applicator guns
  • for standard 310 ml cartridges
  • stepless speed regulation for proper proportioning of the material.
  • quick ventilation to prevent following material from leaking.

  • technical data: KTP 310 KTP 310 DR
    air requirement l/min.: 100 60
    operation pressure bar: 8 10
    weight Kg: 1,04 0,46
    data sheet: KTP 310 (PDF, 48 kb) KTP 310 DR (PDF, 32 kb)

grease press

Fettpresse E503
grease press E503


grease press E503
hose E503
ULWA-all-steel-grease press E503
  • business-design
  • oversquare-system
  • continuously variable piston rod fixation through permanent-spring-load
  • TÜV, DLG and BLT approved according to DIN 1283
  • for 500g filling material (WEVO special resin)

download: product sheet (PDF, 271kb )


injectors 1


fig. 2

injectors 1

fig. 3

injectors 2
Plastic injectors with 9.5 mm diameter for the injection of
WEVO special resin in deep wood cracks.

  • the wells must have a diameter of 9 mm
  • the cone nipple must tower completely out of the wood surface
  • after injection the injectors remain in the wood
  • The cone nipple can be chipped with a chisel
    if a smooth surface is needed

  • technical data:
    borehole diameter: 9 mm
    packaging unit: 1000 pieces

microbalance Typ KPZ : 2-05-3


the basic equipment includes:
  • 1/30.000 or
    1/60000 d readability
  • 1/600.000 d internal resolution
  • 13 weight units elective
  • weight unit display
  • backlit display, 3 variants
  • Percent and counting functions
  • 6 digit, 16 mm LC-display
  • mains and battery operation
  • battery charge display
  • automatic shutdown,
    4 variations
  • automatic calibration
  • 100% taring
  • 230 V power supply
  • leveling control display
  • height-adjustable stands
  • wind break housing
  • RS 23
  • 2 uni-direction for data output
blank digital balance KPZ_2
digital balance kpz_2-05-3

specifications of balance KPZ 2-05-3:
capacity: 1500 g
division: 0,05 g
platform size: 144 x 124 mm

13 weight units:
you can choose from 13 weight units - besides gramm
you can switch to a second weight unit under operation
the balance will calculate the units automatically - you can choose from
these units: g (Gramm), ct (Met. Carat), lb (Pound),
oz (Ounce), dr (Dram), GN (Grain), ozt (Troy Ounce),
dwt (Pennyweight), MM (Momme/Jpn), tlJ (Tael-HK),
tlT (Tael-TWN), tlH (Tael Hong Kong), t (Tola /Indian).

both-way wearable latex gloves

blank gloves gloves_4
gloves_2 gloves_3

The Conform ® + is produced from natural rubber latex and combines the security of a powder-free glove with excellent physical properties and chemical resistance. The glove carries itself like a second skin and enables a comfortable, precise and tactile sensitive work. The low proportion of allergenic substances reduces the risk of latex allergies for the wearer significantly. For sensitivity, dexterity and protection of the hands when working the Conform ® + is the right choice.

features and benefits:

  • very good fingertip feel - ideal for delicate mechanical work
  • both-way wearable, three sizes for all hand sizes - practical and inexpensive
  • made of Natural latex, natural colors - flexibel, high wearing comfort
    etter ventilation than vinyl, better finger movement
    and better grip
  • low AQL-value: 1.5 - fluidproof.
  • pre powdered finishes available - comfortable to wear
    easy to put on and off, without danger of disruption
ARRETIL skin protection cream

blank arretil_logo
skin protection products help to reduce or prevent the effects of agents exposed to the skin - with the application a protective barrier is set up

skin protection products are physiologically neutral and of high cosmetic acceptability - the selection of appropriate skin protection products is based on the nature of the agents with which the skin can come into contact

Skin ointment ARRETIL (O/W-emulsion)

special product for the protection of skin when working with resins and organic solvents

  • even with oily substances
  • increased protection by protective skin pigments
  • watersoluble
  • non-greasy
  • silicone free